We are happily donating all proceeds of Diagnosed TV Season 1 to Bell's Believers and will be donating to another survivor's cause once it is set up. We highly recommend you contribute to Bell's Believers as well. We are NOT doing this for profit, but welcome any partners to help in this cause.  

    Guest on "Time With               Theresa" TV Show

Theresa Westbrook of the "Time With Theresa" TV Show interviewed Diagnosed TV Creator Samuel Sadler in the studios at Denton, TX. Theresa Westbrook interviews family-friendly celebrities predominently in the entertainment industry. Theresa is a published author and spends her time forwarding the cause of her non-profit "Pearls of shalom" and forwarding the cause of family-friendly and Christian-based entertainment. Theresa has also teamed up with elleven studios to interview actors from shows such as My Name is Earl and Transformers. This episode will air Wednesday March 4, 2015 on channels Charter 191 and Verizon  39. Learn more about Pearls of Shalom Here    


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If you have been diagnosed with cancer you are not alone. There are others that have gone through it and there are others going through it right now. There are many types of organizations to turn to for assistance in your fight against cancer mentally, physically, financially and spiritually.

You will have many questions and so will those that care about you. We are adding resources to help you find cancer treatment, assistance and support. Click the button above to access those resources and find links to cancer treatment centers, fundraising events and groups that support the fight against cancer.   

The Diagnosed TV Show staff is committed to helping everyone affected by cancer. Not only do we help people diagnosed with cancer, but we also help loved ones deal with feelings and fears and connect those in need of help and support with the right people. This is our passion. 

     New Board Member

             Mark Lyons

Mark Lyons is well-known as CEO of the travel arrangement king, Dreamigo. He is also a widely-respected Business Consultant with specialties in business and tactical analysis, incentive compensation, problem analysis and resolution, team building, database design/creation and programming, international business and has a native level fluency in English and Spanish. he is also proficient in Portuguese and has a working knowledge of French. He has worked with companies such as Accenture, Boeing and MasterCard.  Visit Dreamigo  Here   

Diagnosed TV interviews and shares the journey of cancer warriors.  Diagnosed TV  also makes  a few dreams comes true for many who are having a very trying time during their battle. Laugh with us, love with us and cry with us as we go through this unimaginable challenge together. Cancer is REAL, this show is unscripted and very personal. This show will shine a new light to many viewers of what it is like to have to decide how to save your life. When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is a tough decision on how to save your life.  The cast is really opening up because they want to share their courageous stories to bring hope.  We dare to share the stories of different ways cancer was battled, there are many, so GET READY!. Any proceeds are donated. We are not producing for profit. 

     New Board Member


"Manuel" Cuevas is a costume and clothing designer.  He has many other fine achievements but is known for being the man who made Johnny Cash "The Man in Black". He fashioned Elvis' signature gold lame suit.   He costumed The Lone Ranger , the Beatles costumes for their SGT Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover and many world leaders.  He has received many awards including," The Life Achievement Award from Mexico's President Felipe Calderon and "Father of the Year".  Manuel is sympathetic to individuals affected by cancer because he lost his brother to it and also because because of such a high clientele base over the decades and it is inevitable to hear the tragic stories of how cancer has affected some of their lives.  Manuel has joined the mission and   has taken the position on our Board of Directors as "Vice President of Special Projects". 

Watch Manuel receive his Life Time Achievement Award presentation. Go to minute 37:00here:    

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