Manuel is the man that made Johnny Cash "The Man In Black". He fashioned Elivis' signature gold suit. From The Lone Ranger to world leaders, he continues to costume the greats. He has received many awards including Father of The Year and The Life Achievement Award by The President of Mexico. Manuel also lost his brother to cancer and is taking up the fight against cancer in a big way.

manuel - Vice President of Special Projects

this is personal

Jerri comments, "I feel very honored and extremely humble to be associated with this project and everyone who has blessed my life for the better. When my Mom was 7 years old, the youngest of six children, her Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Having surgery she went into remission for 25 years, and was able to continue to raise my Mom and her other children. As a small child  I have very few memories of my Grandmother. The ones I do have are glimpses, pictures almost, and feelings that are very precious to me. Life changed when my Grandmother died.  I struggled with her death as I had never had anyone around me die before. It took a lot of time, caring and patience from wonderful parents,  counselors, teachers and other loved ones, to help me and give me the support and help I needed for understanding why life had changed. As an adult now, I have a greater understanding of life. Cancer is a part of our lives, and if I am able to help someone else with their precious memories and feel the love of someone they care about in this journey of life, Life will be good and I consider it a privilege to travel this road of life together."

Samuel tells his story. "I thought my dad was going to die. I felt I needed to tell him what a great dad he had been and how much I appreciated him. He called me a short time after and told me he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. I thought for sure God had just given me the opportunity to say goodbye. That was not the case however. My dad chose to fight the cancer and underwent surgery and the traditional radiation treatments. After the surgery all he took for pain was Aspirin. He exercised and took his treatment on his lunch breaks. Although the treatments took their terrible toll on him he won. He is an absolute inspiration to me and I still have him today." 

who we are 

If we can help just one person find happiness and win a personal battle, it will all be worth it. If we help a lot of people that is something I can take to my God and lay upon the holy alters on high as my gift in return. I am not perfect, but will do my part to drive my sword into the bosom of this indiscriminate adversary. Cancer started the fight and together we can finish it.   


Thank you for helping change one to many. 


Samuel Sadler

Creator of Diagnosed

Creators of Diagnosed Samuel Sadler and Wife Jerri

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Diagnosed the TV Show is gaining local support.

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Mission + Vision

russell wallace - treasurer

Captain jack - associate director

Diagnosed the TV Show is produced by elleven studios in partnership with elleven marketing group and ADHD Creative. Other partners are soon to be announced by press releases released through elleven marketing group. 


August 7 2014 - Diagnosed TV Show Creator Samuel Sadler writes blog about launch of Diagnosed TV Show official Facebook and Twitter accounts @DiagnosedTV

July 30 2014 – Diagnosed TV Show announced their new website and acceptance of sponsorship applications. Those Diagnosed calls "Contributing Heroes" are now also able to contribute to the show. "Contributing Heroes will be able to contribute through our web portal being constructed by Wells Fargo from amounts as little as $5 or $10 to $50,000+


July 30 2014 – SIRETV host Robert Burke announced his support and endorsement of Diagnosed TV Show commenting on his close working relationship with Samuel Sadler, Creator of Diagnosed.  


July 21 2014  - Casting call posted on Diagnosed TV Show Facebook page. Samuel Sadler Creator of Diagnosed TV Show commenting they will be adding Twitter as another source of social media distribution. 

Together we can change the world


Mark Lyons - Chief operations officer

Mark Lyons is well-known as CEO of the travel king Dreamigo. He is also an Incentive Comp and Spend Optimization Consultant with specialties in business and tactical analysis, incentive compensation, problem analysis and resolution, team building, database design/creation, programming, international business and has a native level fluency in English and Spanish. He is also proficient in Portuguese and has a working knowledge of French. He has worked with companies such as Accenture, Boeing and  


"Captain Jack" Aponte has been a part of the entertainment scene for more than 35 years. His programming experience and reputation are unequaled and spans multiple formats as he works with the largest artists to the smallest and everyone in between.  Jack effectively brings all this experience to raise successful programming in any genre in any market.  He is best known in Nashville, TN for his radio station "Renegade Radio Nashville"

Russell Wallace is an experienced CPA and Business Consultant located in North Texas. He provides CPA services in North Texas and Consulting services across the country in a wide variety of industries for small to mid-sized companies . Russell also runs his own firm "Wallace Accounting and Advisory Services". He is known for his humanitarian efforts and always putting his family first.