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We do not air a lot of personal information. A name and city or or state is usually sufficient. If a cast member attends school or work we will not be going along every day, but would attend special events, etc. Our viewers will be cheering for the cast members and will want to see how they are doing especially if they are Contributing Heroes. 

Cast members have a direct contact and special resources to quickly respond to their needs whether they are related to cancer or not. This is an overwhelming time in your life and we want to help as much as possible. 

We are making every effort to raise cancer awareness and support for you and others in your situation. Many will look to our cast members for inspiration. They  will make a difference in many lives and will impact more people than they could ever know. We hope you will join us in this great cause. 

If you know someone fighting cancer, please encourage them to apply. We cannot help them unless they apply. Feel free to contact any of the helpful cancer resources listed that help with all sorts of needs financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.   

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You Are Not Alone

It may feel like you are all alone and no one understands what you are going through. You may feel powerless or even be wondering, "How am I going to do this?" 

First, there are others that have gone through this and you can draw from their strength and experience. One of the goals of the Diagnosed TV Show is to help other people affected by cancer learn from your story and find the inspiration and courage they need.  

Secondly, we would like to help. While you are facing this seemingly insurmountable challenge we want to be by your side. Not only will we be able to tell your story with cameras and microphones, but we want to help you with your individual needs. We will set up avenues for viewers and "Contributing Heroes" to make donations that can go towards things like assisting with treatment, helping you to do some of the things you have always wanted to do or meet someone you have always wanted to meet. 

We will be very respectful of your privacy and will be filming more highlights and events instead of you eating your cereal. 

Fill out the form below and tell us about yourself. If you can submit a video by uploading private video to YouTube or Vimeo about yourself and your condition that can help us in the decision process. Although we would love everyone to be a star on Diagnosed, we can only accept a certain number. We need all the information we can get to help us in the decision process. Please email us and we will send you an application. 

Thank you, and remember... You are beautiful and can always make a difference. We look forward to getting to know you better and wish you luck.